A Banking App Has Been Suddenly Closing Accounts, Sometimes Not Returning Customers’ Money

Chime, a “neobank” serving millions, is racking up complaints from users who can’t access their cash. The company says it’s cracking down on an “extraordinary surge” in fraudulent deposits. That’s little consolation to customers caught in the fray. The day after Jonathan Marrero’s federal stimulus payment landed in his bank account, he took his 5-year-old [...]


The Ohio Supreme Court has taken Advocate Attorneys, LLP’s unemployment compensation case. They are trying to recover $900 million for 223,000 people.

The state's highest court will weigh in after a county court sided with the state and was overturned by an appeals court. he Ohio Supreme Court will decide whether Gov. Mike DeWine had the authority to end a federal program offering $300 weekly checks to unemployed Ohioans. The Supreme Court split 4-2 over whether to [...]


Who Exactly Are Rhode Island Retirement Fund’s Partners?

Many Working Class and Middle-Class Americans rely entirely on their pensions to survive in retirement. A problem has emerged with pensions for public employees like teachers and police officers which are controlled by government entities who are susceptible to corrupting influences like campaign donors and lobbyists. Many public pensions have been persuaded, some say inappropriately [...]


FHA extends forbearance application deadline; homeowners who paused payments must select from numerous, complicated options as COVID-19 protection programs end; DannLaw issues warning about loan mod scammers

As America struggles to shake the curse of COVID-19, millions of homeowners impacted by the pandemic continue to face numerous challenges, including determining what to do when mortgage forbearance ends. In this update we’ll outline the available options and offer sound advice on how--and how not--to proceed. Before we discuss the options available to homeowners [...]


Battling the powerful on behalf of the powerless: AAL article explores the influences that shaped Marc Dann’s commitment to consumer law

Anyone who knows Marc Dann: clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, judges, reporters, is well aware of what he does for a living. But only the members of his family and closest friends truly understood why he does what he does. Until today. That’s because the “Attorney of the Month” article about Marc that appears in the [...]


New documentary chronicles “The Con” that nearly destroyed America’s economy and the role Marc Dann played in pursuing scam artists

In 2007 then-Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann was among the first officials in the nation to recognize that years of predatory mortgage lending and Wall Street greed was about to devastate the housing market and bring the U.S. economy to the brink of collapse. Now the filmmakers at Red Point Digital have produced and are [...]


Understanding Mortgage Reinstatement in Ohio

What are Mortgage Reinstatements and Loan Modifications When you fall behind on your mortgage payments, the best way to avoid foreclosure is to pay the arrears, or the amount you owe your lender. There are two ways to bring your payments up to date so you can stay in your home. Mortgage Reinstatement If you have [...]


What is the Ohio Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Income Limit?

If you are buried under a mountain of debt and your phone is ringing constantly with harassing calls from creditors and debt collectors, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy exists to help you regain control of your life without being weighed down by the nasty side effects of debt, including wage [...]


Understanding the Ohio Sheriff Sale Eviction Process

How Long Do I Have in My House After a Sheriff Sale? Once the Ohio foreclosure process is over and your home has been sold at a sheriff sale, you are not yet legally required to leave your home. There are a few steps the sheriff, court and new owners must take before you can be evicted. You [...]

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