Anyone who knows Marc Dann: clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, judges, reporters, is well aware of what he does for a living. But only the members of his family and closest friends truly understood why he does what he does.

Until today. That’s because the “Attorney of the Month” article about Marc that appears in the latest edition of Attorney at Law magazine delves into the influences that shaped his remarkable legal career and led him to eschew life as a partner in a “tall building” law firm for an office in a strip plaza with a waiting room overflowing with “regular, working-class people” who needed his help.

The article traces his life in the law from his first job as director of the anti-trust division in the office of the West Virginia AG, through his tenure as a crusading Ohio state senator and attorney general, to his current position: one of the nation’s most successful and innovative consumer protection and foreclosure defense attorneys.

You may access the entire article here. It’s well worth the click…

*Originally posted in on December 7, 2017.