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The full transcript of the video is available below:

Marc Dann, Advocate Attorneys Partner: When the pandemic hit, it became clear that we’re going to face a significant time of economic displacement in this country. After serving as Attorney General at the beginning of the financial crisis, I knew that there would be a huge need for representation for regular, working class people. There were not enough lawyers to represent people who were being sued for collections, who were being sued for foreclosure.

The federal government and the state government in this country have failed the citizens, particularly working class and middle-class people when it comes to making sure that the people they are doing business with are held accountable but there’s an opportunity for the private bar to step up and fill in some of that gap.

My partner, Melanie Mfume and I decided to create Advocate Attorneys. People went to law school because they wanted to change the world and make the world a better place. We do it one consumer at a time, one family at a time.

Beth, Advocate Attorneys Customer: I ended up on foreclosure. Missed no payments and was foreclosed on anyhow. If I did not get in touch with Advocate Attorneys, there would have been people standing in the yard and it would have been auctioned off and it was a week from happening.

Marc Dann: This house was one week away from sheriff’s sale, and she was in the hands of a lawyer who did not know what he was doing.

Beth: This created stacks of paper. I have literally a foot of paper on this. It is not about the home itself. It is about the neighbors I have developed and relationships I have developed over time.

Marc Dann: The mortgage company was not responsive to help her in her time of need. We were able to step in and advocate for her. You can fight a foreclosure in court and prove, as what’s the case in Beth’s case, she made all her payments.

Beth: The sheriff is no longer at my door and the payment was reasonable. I never would have been able to do it by myself.

Marc Dann: The vast majority of Americans, working class, middle-class Americans simply don’t have meaningful access to legal services. We created Advocate Attorneys, so we could meet that need. So we’re building an army, building a network, and we’re building a community. At this point, we’ve trained 48 lawyers around the country. We’ve created oversight and mentorship; we’ve connected new consumer lawyers with the best practitioners in the country. We have also mobilized some of the best experts in the country.  Unfair credit report, unfair debt collections, class action cases, more and more people in this country will have access to meaningful legal representation.

Beth: You can’t just do it on your own and there’s no way I would be standing here on my property if not for them.

Marc Dann: There’s a bout two and a half million people in this country who are in forbearance on their mortgage and that’s going to have to be sorted out. I look forward to the opportunity to weaponize this army of lawyers that we’ve created on behalf of the working class.

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